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Smart Glass for Enterprises and Developers


Our Augmented Reality Smart Glasses, TALENS, aim to serve Enterprise for Maintenance and vertical market such as Museums, Medical and Logistic.


Our UB.Suite consists of a software toolset to fast develop customized solutions. UB.Suite consist of a Smart Assistant, a SDK, a Device Management service and two customization tools.


Take a tour on applications featured with Smart Glasses. Explore the potential of wearable techhnology and what is possible to do to improve your life.


Get your preferred way to join with our technology. We aim to join technologies, test compliant architectures, and support partner in development of killer applications.


How Smart Glasses apply to Enterprises
Wearable Augmented Reality - Smart Assistant for Enterprises

Wearable Computing and Smart Personal Assistant join together on Smart Glasses Talens to move to a new era of Smart Mobile Interactions. Our aim is pervasive connections, smartness, low impact of information accessibility.Incorporating wearables into the work environment is revolutionizing the hands-on workforce. By starting projects under the right conditions, it proves that technology isn’t the ends users’ burden or competition; instead, it’s their most valuable tool. It will save time and aggravation by streamlining work orders and processes, allow for documentation in line with work orders, and aid in performance of duties in an efficient manner. By showing the possibilities of the tool from the start, employees will get the best experience possible, and any concerns about potential technophobia and user adoption will dissipate quickly.

  • Wearable Computing

    Wear your electronic device

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Build your custom Smart Assistant

  • Augmented Reality

    Digital Multimedia on Real World

  • Device Management

    Company devices always under control


Real people, from beginners to experienced, work with us!
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Software Architect
MSC in Electronic Engineering, more than 10 years of experience in designing and complex software applications.
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Art Director
More than 25 years of experience in advertising campaigns and marketing.
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Facility and Administration
MSC in Communication and Marketing, supports facility and administration.
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Simone Cammarano

Software Developer
MSC in Electronic Engineering, is involved in wearable applications development.


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