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We provide end-to-end solutions in IoT and wearable technologies domain.

We are your innovation partner

Industria 4.0

We are your partner

We welcome Partners that want to present solutions based on our Talens Smart Glasses.
We can support Partners from the Pre-Sales to the Post Delivery Support with:
• Knowledge Base Sharing – Products and technology training, best practices, selling strategies, competitors’ analysis, live demos and documentation (reference manuals, API manuals, etc.)
• Marketing Support – Suggestions for effective presentations (e.g. use cases)
• Sales Assistance – Pre and post sales training and documentation, consulting, collaboration and advanced customization on projects and prototypes
• Discounted Licenses – Increase profits through resale, volume discounts

Industry 4.0

Youbiquo can support Partners to deliver effective solutions. Our Professional Services can be engaged to speed up projects where customization is a client requirement. Dictionary integration for specific industries and tasks end for specialised knowledge profiles to best fit Natural Language Processing Assistant to users, Client ERP/WMS integration are only few examples where the Youbiquo expertise can be leveraged to achieve effective and quick results.
Youbiquo can deliver style guides and courses to let customers or third parties software integrators to develop customised software applications for its Smart Glasses.


“Incorporating wearables into the work environment is revolutionizing the hands-on workforce. By starting projects under the right conditions, it proves that technology isn’t the ends users’ burden or competition; instead, it’s their most valuable tool. It will save time and aggravation by streamlining work orders and processes, allow for documentation in line with work orders, and aid in performance of duties in an efficient manner.
By leveraging wearable technology, companies stand to increase productivity by 15-20%, reduce rework costs by 20-30%, and reduce operations costs by 15-25%”.

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Talens Holo Smart Glasses Solutions

We design and create innovation to add value to each process, product or service.


We are a committed team of young talents and long term professionals passionate about high tech innovations.


New technologies, sensors, processors and microcontrollers in combination with product design and artificial intelligence skills are the baseline of our daily work.


An internal R&D Lab equipped with elettronic, optical and molding facilities allows delivering fast and effective services to our costumers.
Let’s meet up at Pioneers’18

We are ready! Italian Trade Agency selected our company to attend the Pioneers Festival in Vienna which will be held on 24th and 25th of May 2018. For the second

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Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 203
84122 Salerno – Italy
Registered office:
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84013 – Cava de Tirreni (SA) – Italy
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Email: info@youbiquo.eu
Phone: +39 089 ‍097 6534

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