Case Studies

14 maggio 2016
The use of Talens Smart Glasses equipped with Mario Personal Smart Assistant software on board allow worker to perform maintenance activity. The Smart Assistant, previously connected with Enterprise Data Bases, allow the worker to ask for maintenance procedures, call remote experts, recognize parts, record operations and store remotely operation status.
The Talens Smart Glasses help tourists along their journey, giving information on what to visit, on monuments, directions, and historical informations. Further, suggest how to do in spare time: restaurants, bar, live events.
Once in a museum, Cloe Smart Assistant - the software Smart Assistant for Tourism - recognizes pictures and tells the visitor about it and its author and the history of the frame.
Talens Smart Glasses for logistic has special features onboard, to read barcodes and QRCodes handsfree. The worker can handle heavy and large boxes, reading codes just watching it. The Smart Assistant provide to connect to Enterprise Databases and to all check needed to support the operator.
Share the vision of a surgeon during an operation is the most effective way to teach a technique that can save a life. Smart Glasses for medical appliance is a perfect tool to help students for a better understanding of vital operations.

“Incorporating wearables into the work environment is revolutionizing the hands-on workforce. By starting projects under the right conditions, it proves that technology isn’t the ends users’ burden or competition; instead, it’s their most valuable tool. It will save time and aggravation by streamlining work orders and processes, allow for documentation in line with work orders, and aid in performance of duties in an efficient manner.

By leveraging wearable technology, companies stand to increase productivity by 15-20%, reduce rework costs by 20-30%, and reduce operations costs by 15-25%”. 

Brian Ballard, CEO and Co-Founder of APX Labs