Back From 4YFN Barcelona 2018

4YFN the fastest growing digital startup event in the world to connect investors and companies during Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona ended on Wednesday. The exhibition has been a valuable opportunity for YOUBIQUO to check the interest of many targeted companies from different areas and of several potential innovation field investors. At 4YFN Youbiquo showcased[…]


Did you say Talens Holo? We are Ready to Start!

Talens Holo is Youbiquo’s New #Challenge! After 16 months of research and development on new smart glasses and wearable technologies, we are ready to share with tech passionates, visionary investors and dreamers all our discoveries and advanced technology solutions. Since his foundation in late 2013, YOUBIQUO started to project TaLens, a wearable computer, an Augmented[…]


Big News from Facebook Advertising – AR is coming to Brands!

Recent rumours drew the attention of many companies and online marketing and advertising insiders on Augmented Reality project, an innovation that will revolutionize the way which Brands trade products and share their stories. Indeed it seems that the famous social network is working on an ambitious project, building AR effects portfolio for high profiled brands, bringing the platform outside[…]


New Youbiquo Talens Holo at 4YFN Barcelona 2018. Save The Date!

From 26th to 28th of February 2018, Youbiquo will be waiting for you in Barcelona at Hall 8, Fira Montjuïc, Booth N3.3 of 4YFN, the Mobile World Congress area dedicated to innovation.Over the years, the Congress has fostered the international launch and development of several participating startups.The event will be attended by investors, companies and public[…]


SELLALAB, in diretta dal Futuro!

                               Al via SellaLab, il centro di innovazione per le imprese del Gruppo Sella! L’Evento Sì è tenuta Mercoledì 14 Febbraio presso il Palazzo delle Poste e dei Telegrafi di Salerno, la manifestazione inaugurale del nuovo acceleratore d’impresa targato Banca Sella.[…]


Chinese police endowed with glasses able to recognize faces!

As if we weren’t scared enough with all the surveillance happening nowadays, Chinese railway police have taken a step further by using glasses equipped with facial recognition. enhancing their already impressive surveillance portfolio, the glasses feature bleeding edge optics complete with an advanced facial recognition algorithm that is capable of spotting the desired individual within[…]

Future concept

Digital Twin, questo sconosciuto!

Oggi si parla sempre più spesso di #DigitalTwin, ma cosa s’intende esattamente per Gemello Digitale? Il concetto del digital twin applicato a prodotti e ad interi sistemi consente alle imprese una significativa riduzione di costi, prevenendo o anticipando problemi in #produzione, contribuendo a migliorare lo sviluppo di prodotto e diminuendo i costi di realizzazione di[…]


Stereolithography Process, How it Works?

The #stereolithography process, also known as #SLA , uses the photo-#polymerization principle to produce 3D #models using #UV-sensitive #resin. This is not to be confused with STL files, which are 3D printing files. This is #solidified by the passage of a #laser layer after layer. It provides one of the most qualitative printing surfaces of existing[…]