Top 5 PC Trends from 2016 to 2018

Making a short look-back between 2016 , defined “the year of the beta”, and 2017, we can track some important main features on the #tech field, resuming the 5 Top #Pc #Trends.

The takeover of the #AI, that remains a dominant player in the international stage and that in few years could threaten the traditional “#whitecollar jobs”, changing also the ways we use technology, thanks to the introduction of #digitalassistants. Indeed they are becoming always smarter and more reliable.


After some alarming hacks to big international companies owning sensitive data of billions of users around the world, a spotlight has been lit on the #cybersecurity theme, in these last two years.

An important step ahead has been recorded by the #AR and #VR, with an increasing of market share and a relevant prices dropping.
Moreover it has seen a new wave of more #affordable headsets from the traditional PC to AR/VR platforms.

PCs were better than ever, with a solid selection of machines ranging from thin and lights, to gaming notebooks, to incredibly flexible 2-in-1s.
The 2-in-1 has transitioned from a tool for people who like to write on their displays and use them as tablets, to notebooks that rival the best clamshells as traditional machines, while offering that extra punch of #flexibility.

An important goal has been reached by the #processor with AMD, Microsoft and Intel as the main leaders.
The #CPU competition is based on the building of more affordable processors for everyone.

We expect those trends to continue in 2018, and hope problems like security flaws and AI advancement don’t take away from the fun.