14 maggio 2016

UB-Assistant is a Personal Assistant end-user application installed on board of Talens Smart Glasses, customized to understand questions and command for a specific domain (i.e. Tourism, Maintenance) and connected to UB.Ontology and UB.Query on server side to data and ontology interface, and to UB.Cloud for device management.

All features are available with voice commands in NLP (Natural Language Processing): UB-Assistant understands the command to activate using natural language interpreting intents, entities and variables.

UB-Cloud is a SAAS tool for the configuration of Personal Assistant UB-Assistant and for UB-SDK library in the cloud, which provides different level of access; UB-Cloud is used both by the end user of the device to set the UB-Assistant and by the Company administrator or the dealer.

UB-SDK is a software library for programmers that facilitates the developement of applications dedicated in particular to the enterprise world. UB-SDK is dedicated to software developers who want to start programming on wearable devices, it allows the control of the sensors of Talens or similar devices, it provides tool to easily design the proper setting on the Deck and of the screens on the see-through display; it provides a number of features that facilitate the management of the question and answer mechanism on wearable devices (TTS, ASR), for the scan of barcodes and QRCode, for the translation of the text, for the access and interaction with the social, for the management of e-mail and calendar and moreover it provides native features of Natural Language Processing and Video Call.

UB. Ontology is an Ontology Maker, a  SAAS tool allowing to define a custom Smart Assistant trained in the field of interest; the tool allow to define user intents, variables, and sample sentences. The tool improve their performance with use.

UB.Query is a Query Manager, a SAAS tool allowing to match intents and variables defined in Ontology Maker with query to enterprise DBs. It is an interface between the custom Smart Assistant and Enterprise Data.