What about Smart Contracts & Blockchain?


Have you ever heard about #SmartContract and # Blockchain?
What are they? And how do they work?
Well, these ones are strongly innovative and safe contractual forms. Indeed the Blockchain allows getting trust, reliability and security guarantees that in the past were necessarily delegated to a “third” figure.
To compile it, you need an #legal support, while its verification and its activation take place in a certain and automatic way. Smart Contract refers to standards of behaviour and access to certain services and is made available, accepted and implemented as a form of development of traditional services.

Today with the Smart Contracts you can define in a very precise way #dates and conditions to which the contract must abide. This is possible thanks to the absence of human intervention and an interpretative contribution, the execution of the conditions signed by the contractors, who provide their data, takes place in “absolute certainty of objective judgment“, ensuring security and transparency on both sides.

Currently, the Smart Contract is configured as a crucial element for the development of the #industry4, especially if we talk about #IoT and #BigData.
The #future belongs to them, who in the long run, will be able to improve company performances both in terms of productivity and sales volumes, precisely because they are based on a #code that is certain, reliable and safe.