What if technology could help Alzheimer’s disease?

What if #technology could help #Alzheimer’s disease?
Many enterprises around the world, developers and designers are hardly working to the creation of a new pair of #AR #specs which could help people affected by #Alzheimer to recognise #things and #faces.
This is a great step ahead in the #hightech #progress!
Indeed one of the most anguishing consequences of advanced Alzheimer’s disease is that patients fail to recognise their loved ones’ faces. This is due both to patients’ fading #memory and to the deterioration of their faculty for “holistic perception”—the visual process that helps us recall a “#mental name tag” when we see a known person’s face.
“AR technology has reached a point where it can be miniaturised enough to be able to fit on people’s faces, but it is also powerful enough to have features that make a difference,” says founder and CEO Nick Cherukuri. The company has fitted its headset with a #neuralnetwork that can be trained to #recognise human faces. The headset can process several pictures of an Alzheimer’s #patient’s loved ones and learn to label those people every time they are in front of the #smartglasses.
One big #challenge? Making the #headset look cooler.