Youbiquo CEO speech at Porto Tech Hub about wearables

Porto Tech Hub was born in 2015 with the goal of connecting Porto’s tech community with the best global speakers and cutting-edge trends in information technology.

Previous editions have featured gurus from Google, Facebook, Ebay, Spotify and IBM. This year, the conference is going to double in size and will host as speaker, among others, the Youbiquo CEO Pietro Carratu, who will talk about:

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: new challenges for IoT and AI technologies

Here is a summary of the talk:

In the last years, we are assisting in a fast growth of the IoT market, and in a rapid evolution of AI and Machine Learning technologies. At the same time, hardware manufacturers take care in reducing form factor and battery consumption, as well as in the delivery of packaged solutions (SOM: System on Module). All these factors, joined with new development of holographic displays, allow new perspectives on the development of wearables electronics, including the more challenging of these devices: a new generation of smart glasses, built for enterprises but ready for the consumer market. The speech is a overview of the state of the art of wearable technologies, on the gaps to fill, and on the impact on everyday life.