About Us

Our mission is to design and deliver wearable computing and IoT devices to meet the growing needs of connectivity and information exchange that benefit of Artificial Intelligence on low power consumption electronics.
We offer see-through, augmented reality, monocular and binocular wearable displays for enterprises. for hands-free highly specialized activities.
Founded at the end of 2013 and headed by a team of veterans in new technologies (ICT, mobile, electronics) and marketing, Youbiquo has developed its own Smart Glasses, Talens, a fully customizable eyewear equipped with a Personal Assistant Software and ‘state of the art’ hardware. Talens, its Personal Assistant and the SDK modules are ready to be used in applications ranging from Maintenance, Repair & Operations assistance to virtual engineering and marketing and more.


Since its foundation in late 2013, YOUBIQUO started to project Talens, a wearable computer, an Augmented Reality Smart Glasses for the enterprise market, to assist and support maintenance workers.

Now we are ready to present to the market a new solution in the see-through wearable displays world.

New technologies, sensors, processor power and flexibility of Android 7.1 are behind the new visors of YOUBIQUO TaLens Holo.

Shift your mind to what else TaLens Holo offers advanced Enterprises back and could offer back with the right Application developing, thanks to the Android 7.1 OS power hand gesture, tracking recognition, the ability to scan the environment, image and object detection and much more besides.

Research and Developement

Youbiquo has partnership with large enterprises to develop Research and Development programs for use of smart glasses in Industry 4.0 and in rescue and operations environment. We test everyday innovative components in IoT and in wearable computing domain.

Team Members

Pietro Carratù
Pietro is CEO and founder of Youbiquo S.r.l . After a MSC in Electronic Engineering he has developed a deep knowledge into ICT sector, working as PM and UI/UX and Software designer in several innovative projects along twenty years. He owns PMP and SCRUM certification in Project Management.
Chiara Mannella
Marketing Manager
Chiara works as art director and marketing manager and she counts more than 25 years of experience in advertising campaigns. In her career she has been working for large international companies as a designer and visual artist, refining her skills of team leading, objectives and target setting, brand and corporate management, strategic product positioning, selling and communication strategies.
Nunzio Senatore
Nunzio is CFO of Youbiquo S.r.l. He owns a MBA degree, he has collected many professional experiences in the business for different companies, either as partner and administrator. Today he is an experienced entrepreneur, and his commitment on predictive cash flow and on business model of the company is crucial for our time-to-market.
Ettore Ambrosio
Product Designer
Ettore is a product and interior designer. After achieving his studies in Industrial Design, he has worked as a freelance for several design studios, from photography to architecture, to plastic material printing to production. Since three years he has been applying his ten-years expertise to the design conception and ergonomics of our Smart Glasses. He’s partner of ZEStudio, a well-known design agency.
Carmen Apicella
Financial Accountant
Carmen is the younger new resource in Youbiquo’s team. After a Degree in Business Administration and Corporate Management, and a specialization in cross-cultural management for international strategies, she has started working with us as Financial Accountant.
Andrea Esposito
Software Developer
Andrea is a junior application developer. Owning a Biomedical Engineering Master Degree and an IBM Master in IT Consultancy, he has entered the IoT sector working with us as a mobile/IoT software developer.
Domenico Giordano
Hardware Developement Manager
Domenico is hardware development manager. His background is about design and architecture, but his work has always dealt with hardware assembly and retail. He owns an individual company that produces and trades hardware.
Antonio Zanesco
Mobile App Architect
Antonio owns a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering, and is CEO and founder of Ars Digitalia S.r.l.s. a partner company. He’s an experienced mobile app architect; he loves working on new ideas thanks to his experience in Research Centers, leading talented developers to move software quality to a higher level.
Giulia Giri
Content Manager
Giulia is copywriter and content manager. After a degree in Business Communication, she has studied at Apple Developer Academy in Naples and currently she is post graduating in International Marketing Management. A real fashion addicted, she owns a trends and lifestyle blog, where she talks about outfits, people and glamour.
Roberto Frenna
Junior Software Developer
Roberto is a software developer with a focus in security and systems management. He is particularly skilled in Custom ROM Android for Web and App development. He owns iOS Developer degree, and he is winner of WWDC 2017 Apple Scholarship.
Carlo Baruffini
Junior Software Developer
Carlo is a junior software developer. His background is about Computer Science, Systems and Networks Analysis, Technologies and Design of Computer and Telecommunication Systems. He owns iOS Developer degree. He is particularly skilled about several client-server programming languages.
Francesco Caolo
Marketing Manager
Francesco is the Marketing Manager of Youbiquo.
He has been working in Digital Marketing for over 15 years. He has gained experience in established Italian advertising agencies and in multinational Network Marketing companies. Digital Advertising Expert, today he offers his advice to companies who need to develop Digital Strategies to compete in the Global Market.
Matilde Merciai
Product Designer
Matilde Merciai is a designer focused on product development and engineering. After the master degree in product design for Innovation, she started working as a freelance consultant for industries, start-up companies and design studios. She loves the challenge offered by the use of different technologies and materials.
Pasquale Tremante
Embedded Systems Developer
Pasquale is 27 years-old developer and computer engineer and his background is from the University of Naples Federico II. He owns iOS Developer degree and he is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Embedded System at the same university. He is particularly interested in IoT, Computer Security and Open Hardware.