Are you ready for Wearable USA Conference?

Are you ready for Wearable USA Conference?

Wearable Technology


From 14 to 15 November Youbiquo will take part at Wearable USA, the worldwide wearable technology conference in Santa Clara Convention Center.

The event will host:

  • more than 3500 attendees
  • more than 270 exhibitors
  • more than 250 presentations 
  • more than 60 dedicated speakers

The dedicated 2-day conference will see many public speaking which will cover topics from materials and manufacturing, to applications and markets, alongside a dedicated space for 270 exhibitors.

The event will show all the new opportunities for the market of wearable technologies.

Many consumer electronics sectors are saturated, which has brought wearable technology to the forefront of development. 

This is the only event to look at what is really needed and the capabilities offered by new technologies. Aimed at the full ecosystem from fashion brands to material providers, attendees will uniquely learn about the trends, products and opportunities in this sector.

It will be focused on industry 4.0 opportunities and applications.

Internet of Things, Sensors and Wearable are the main keywords to be remembered.

wearable usa conference


The conference let all the participant expect to:

  • Hear the latest progress in wearable medical devices, consumer healthcare, worker monitoring, sports analytics and more; 
  • Join the key networking event for the electronic textiles, stretchable and flexible electronics, advanced manufacturing and advanced materials communities;
  • See the latest commercial progress in flexible sensors, energy storage & harvesting, emerging display technologies, haptics and other key technology areas;
  • Hands-on demonstrations live manufacturing and interactive networking in the large, co-located exhibition.

The conference will be attended by international brands such as SONY, Bayer, MAS, #G4A, Karl Mayer, Google Cloud Platform and Proteus.

The objectives of the meeting will be:

  • Understanding the market pull hearing end-users presenting on their requirements and progress across fashion, healthcare, industry, enterprise, infotainment, military, sportswear;
  • Learn more about disruptive technologies and about new innovations as stretchable electronics and e-textiles, smart eyewear, sensors, flexible displays, batteries, connectivity and new materials;
  • Study the marketplace updating and discussing from big brands covering their views on global industry trends, products, manufacturing and integration, forecasts and opportunities.

We are very proud to take part in the Wearable USA.

We invite you to visit us at our booth to enjoy a live demo of our TalensHolo AR Smart Glass.

Youbiquo Smart Glass

So are you ready for the event?

Giulia Giri