Augmented Fashion Reality? It’s not a Magic Show!

Augmented Fashion Reality? It’s not a Magic Show!

Fashion AR

Augmented Fashion Reality

900 million devices will be consistent with Augmented Reality within the end of 2018.

The consulting society Digi-Capital declared it, indeed the number of productions domains which are implementing this technology is growing exponentially.

If right now companies understand the power of the Augmented Reality for their business, many consumers have been waiting for years to enjoy these services.

According to a recent research by Digital Bridge, 69% of consumers is waiting for retail shops to provide AR applications in the near future.

Fashion & AR: How this technology is impacting the fashion industry?

In the fashion field, companies are making efforts to better understand the roles that AR can provide to foster collections.

Some pioneer fashion magazines have released an app able to select the clothes even for him and for her by dressing the models virtually.

W Magazine launched a 3D model of the American pop star Katy Perry shown on the September edition cover.

The magazine realized this image in collaboration with The Mill, a visual effects production study, which developed it towards a software.

Watching it by the camera of a mobile device is possible to animate the cover enjoying of exclusive contents.

So the potential for the use of this technology is almost boundless.

Today online shopping is cared about by every fields and retailers are planning different methods to persuade clients to go back to the stores.

Fashion Catwalk AR

360° Catwalks and Virtual Dressing Rooms

Others innovation technology ways applied to fashion are emerging up. 

Topshop realized a virtual catwalk during the London Fashion Week 2014 where people could enjoy the event through a 360° view.

In the next years, other fashion-houses employed AR in their application for users such as L’Oreal and GAP.

In the end, Augmented Reality can help retailers to modify their communication strategy to clients, to strengthen the brand value enhancing a more immersive and human interaction between companies and consumers.

Actually, the customer experience impact is very strong even for catwalks that for the connection between digital stores and retail shops.

AR will involve all the enterprises providing products and services relying on modern digital technologies.

People AR

The future is here to come!

Giulia Giri