Augmented Reality Lenses – Snapchat Releases ‘Shoppable AR’

Augmented Reality Lenses – Snapchat Releases ‘Shoppable AR’

Snapchat have released a new addition to it’s AR Lenses features which will let advertisers publish sponsored lenses which users will be able to interact with.

Snapchat AR Lenses serve as an extension to Snapchat’s currently existing shoppable ads which allows advertisers to engage with potential customers directly within the app. It was back in 2015 that Snapchat made their machine learning-based Lenses available to users which allowed for different effects to be applied to their face via the camera and then shared across social media.

Following this sponsored Lenses were introduced which encouraged users to overlay an advertisement onto their face.

Now, advertisers can include a button to a Lens that will take the user to a website where they will be able to purchase an associated product. To launch the new extensions,  four brands will be rolling out the feature include Clairol, King, STX Entertainment, and Adidas.

The button does not just have to be a link to their website though as it can also be set up to play videos or even install an app.

This follows the news that Snapchat Lens Studio will be opening up their development tools to let anyone create their own custom AR Face Lenses.

The Lens Studio tool will be open to all and features accessible tools to allow for rapid development and easy publishing. Lens Studio is also adopting GIPHY integration to allow both World and Face Lenses to use animated GIF stickers as well.

The push for new AR interaction with their users is no surprise seeing as last month Snapchat quietly acquired PlayCanvas, a provider of an open-source 3D engine used for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions. The purchase means that Snapchat will be able to leverage PlayCanvas’ platform which might already be the case following these recent announcements.

Though it is unclear how successful the new advertiser focused AR Lenses will be it is sure to be a talking point moving forward.

Then again, maybe the success will be measured by how many selfies show up on social media of people wearing their favourite brand.



Giulia Giri