How Hard It Is To Design Fashionable AR Glasses!

How Hard It Is To Design Fashionable AR Glasses!


The holy grail is something that not only resembles a normal pair of, say, Gucci glasses but has functionality that augments your life in a meaningful way.”


If the tech prophets are to be believed, the Next Great Computing Platform will be on your face. 

It will appear as a pair of glasses, as powerful as your smartphone and probably as stylish as your branded sunglasses. But where is the real challenge for international technology companies?

The challenge is to create a fashionable technology wearable device, user-friendly, comfortable and nice designed; a very hard work!

Every company making glasses knows that a winning design has to incorporate both a sense of fashion and an understanding of ergonomics.


The battle is between immersive functionality and non-dorky, even cool-looking design.

For advanced, high-tech smart glasses to achieve mass adoption they must blend into devices of fashion.

It’s hard to create something comfortable or stylish.

This tension has split the field of AR glasses into two extremes. On one end, you get hulking glasses packed with features to show off the unbridled potential of augmented reality. On the other end, you sacrifice features to make a wearable that looks and feels more like normal eyewear.

Nima Shams, VP of Headworn at ODG, says the company’s goal is to “design the next mobile computing platform.” If smart glasses ever hope to become as essential as the smartphone, Shams says, they need to be able to do everything your phone can do.

Consumers “expect the amazing TV quality they have at home, they expect the computing power in their pocket, they expect a product that matches their mobile lifestyle,” says Shams. “So any product we create that is meant to compete with what they use must meet or exceed those expectations.


Well, if you are a real geek or a fashion addicted, we suggest you stay tuned to discover all the news coming from the fashion tech world!


Giulia Giri