‘Internet of Things’. The Dawn of a New Age!

‘Internet of Things’. The Dawn of a New Age!

IoT and AI are the new undisputed edges of technology in the near future, but what exactly do we mean as Internet Of Things? And what are its challenges about?

Within 5 years, 2 billion things will be connected with cellular technology. And that’s not even including smartphones. It will be connected to cars, robots, shipping containers, agricultural fields, traffic systems – you name it. But with great possibilities come great questions: how to bundle offerings, how to connect, how to ensure you’re really open for a new generation business?



                                            Internet of Things is now ready to connect, manage, monetize, and secure businesses.



Cellular technologies are designed for reliability, security, and scalability – and provide the foundation for connecting IoT devices.


Successful deployments across the entire product lifecycle require an easy, secure and cost-effective way to manage connectivity globally.


The multi-party IoT ecosystem combined with new business models requires an agile billing engine to seize IoT opportunities.


When it comes to IoT, security requirements are unique and require holistic thinking across business models, technology, standards, and regulation.



IoT solutions will help enterprises to build safe and real business value quicker and we will witness to a new era of the tech industry. 

Cars, trains or an entire fleet will be connected by IoT technology ensuring new performances to businesses and companies.

Many companies worldwide are actually running the wave and are moving in this direction, searching for business opportunities and new partners collaborate with.


The aim is the launch of an IoT ecosystem creating a dynamic business environment for everyone involved.

For service providers, that means delivering value beyond connectivity. For device and application partners, this means global exposure to their offerings.

And for enterprise customers, it means reaping the benefits of a growing global ecosystem—enabling billions to freely talk.


Giulia Giri