Make your wearables smart in few quick steps

Make your wearables smart in few quick steps

Since few years, visionary Product Designers started thinking at development of new, smart wearable devices.
Often these professionals have very deep knowledge of design rules and a solid background of design styles, and of materials, but have some gap in smart software, electronics, and user interaction guidelines knowledge.
It’s essential for design professionals used to arrange design sketch and some render of a new product concept in few days, to check ideas facing new constraints due to smart features, even realizing viable proof-of-concept in a few days at an affordable price.

Youbiquo can support this fast-checking, fast-prototyping process giving support with their talented professionals to drive a concept in a real product in few affordable steps.

Do you have sketched some nice wearables accessories and have a rough idea on use of it, but you have limited or no knowledge of software and electronics? We can support you in finalizing your idea to build a prototype in a few days, following the steps below.
1) Protect your idea: NDA first; optionally, register your design to better protect it;
2) Share your sketch and the use case in a one-day brainstorming with us;
3) In ten days we propose you a “fill-the-gap” document to show what are missing in your product to have a full working prototype, using our premises to make it, either the mechanical frame and the electronic with some basic smart features and interactions included.
4) Once accepted, we can build the prototype for you in two weeks;
5) Optionally, after the prototyping phase, we can support you in planning and building up a crowdfunding campaign to go to production.

Write us to info[at]youbiquo.eu for more information.

Pietro Carratù