Post Mobile AR Experience: the Future of Retail is here to come!

Post Mobile AR Experience: the Future of Retail is here to come!

Walmart, Coca-Cola and Mercedes Benz are using Post Mobile AR to give customers a more interactive in-store experience.

Is this the way many retail behemoths worldwide are adopting to reinvent and innovate their business in the technology age.

2D and 3D surface technology are changing how in-store products are displayed, and how customers are able to interact with them by merging the physical world and the digital world.

It deals with an interactive touchscreen playground which provides an AR experience without any kind of phones, tablet, glasses or wearable.

The technology is called Post Mobile AR  and also some automotive companies are walking in this direction to project strategically-placed digital images to the hood of the car.

This way users and customers can interact live with animated digital contents in information.

Currently, the Dallas-based spatial experience company Space is working on this project with the aim to deliver to other companies an AR experience without the support of any physical screen.

Instead of relying on personal devices such as smartphones or headsets, Post Mobile AR allows you to walk up and immediately engage in a 100% computer vision-based AR experience.

So, what is really impressive about Post Mobile AR is that since it is completely digital, it doesn’t need actual products to run demos.

Spacee and other companies worldwide have big plans for their tech beyond in-store displays and retail. 

Entertainment, real estate, and theme parks are just a few of the markets on their radar, with the company constantly on the lookout for even more avenues of expansion.

This innovation is not only a technology evolution, this is a real strategic marketing revolution which has jumped in AR experiential marketing!

Giulia Giri