5 years of experience in IoT Research.
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Always engaged in the industrial sector, over the years, he has developed a long experience in organising electronic and industrial productions . In the last 15 years he has then started and participated in various companies including VAS-IM S.r.l. dedicated to the sale of electronic components and Martec S.r.l. involved in the distribution of systems and machines in the technological sector.

Stefania Del Nunzio De Stefano


Graduated in architecture, she worked as a freelancer developing extensive experience within a design team with the functions of group leader and coordinator. She is currently a partner and carries out the function of plant technical director at the SAMACE slr, which operates in the electrical and environmental sector. The tension towards research and innovation are a constant in his business planning process.

Giuseppe Del Nunzio De Stefano


Currently partner and director of the company Samace srl. Company that operates in the electrical and environmental sector, in particular specialized in the production of prefabricated AC power stations and purification plants. Its natural vocation to do business has successfully marked the delicate generational transition by taking the reins of the company and making new inputs that have allowed the company to be a leader in the sector to which it belongs, expanding its market nationally and internationally in a few years.