Talens Holo Smart Glass according to Geeks!

Talens Holo Smart Glass according to Geeks!

Recent predictions tell us that shipments of AR headsets will reach 24.6 million units in 2021.

Some early adopters have tested new YOUBIQUO Talens Holo, officially launched during the exhibition at 4YFN 2018 in Barcelona in February.

To take care of their privacy we are not going to reveal their identities, but we will tell you in some posts, how they experienced these new smart glasses and what they think about. We intend to support who first tried Talens Holo, but also who every day makes research in this field.

Although the name is imaginary, the story is true.

Ji-Hu Son is a German Director of Engineering and he’s 33 years old. He’s innovation technology passionate and expert, indeed he’s one of our early geek adopters.

He updates himself continuously to be always on top! He works for several startups with the objective to let their businesses grow proposing always innovative solutions. His dream is to start an innovative startup.

Last month we officially launched our new product Talens Holo and Ji-Hu Son asked us to test it. So last week we met him in Berlin, where he lives, to show a live demo of our new Talens Holo Smart Glasses.

I think that this is exactly what I was looking for to help the companies I work for to improve their performances.In my opinion, Talens Holo’s point of strength is the potential of the SDK. This kit allows developers to work on Smart Glass creating a wide variety of customized applications”, he said us.

When he tested Talens Holo potential he said:”Probably your product fits perfectly to startups who need to increase and spread their business. A Smart Glass like this could be the best solution at this moment for them!”

Ji-Hu explained to us that today some of the most diffused problems for early-stage companies are operations management, time and funds raising.

In his opinion providing employees with AR computing devices like Talens Holo could be a right solution to help these companies in an effective way, improving their work and productivity, saving money and reducing the waste of time.


Giulia Giri