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Talens Holo
Binocular Smart Glasses

Tailored solutions in IoT industry.

Italian Design

parallax background

Augmented Reality Binocular Smart Glasses
for enterprise

Hardware Features

Android Nougat 8.0

Binocular, 2D/3D, FOV 39° (~90”@3m)
RGB 720p HD (1280x720)

Processor: Octa-Core 64bit, 2.2 Ghz
Adreno 506 GPU
Hexagon 546 DSP

eMMC:  16 GB

WiFi 802.11ac. BT 42 BLE  GPS

Compass, Accelerometer, Gyro Mic, Bone Conduction speaker

Gesture Touchless, Hand Gesture

Camera 13Mpx, 1080P @ 60Hz

Battery 6000mAh

Free - Form Lenses

Third-party compliance

Video Conference: WebRTC, Skype, Cisco Spark, Circuit, Librestream

AR: Unity, Vuforia Wikitude

AI, Machine Learning: IBM Watson

Computer Vision, Shape and object recognition: Vuforia, OpenCV

Application Features

Artificial Intelligence:
Shape and Object recognition 
Face detection and recognition 
Hand gesture recognition and interaction
Understanding of Natural Language

Video streaming:
Share video/ Streaming audio/video 
AR live drawing on video streaming

Indoor/ Outdoor navigation via GPS/Beacon

Use Cases