Wearable USA Conference – What’s New in Wearable Technology?

Wearable USA Conference – What’s New in Wearable Technology?


Wearable USA Conference, ended last week, highlighted the progress in wearable technologies domain.

Within interesting technologies showcased at the worldwide interest event, there were some special inks to make electrical circuits with flexible materials such as polymers, plastics and fabrics.

Innovative inks integrated with fabric fibres with a greater flexibility warranty were introduced at Wearable USA. The innovation is that ink is not printed on fabrics.

Almost see-through electronic circuits printed on transparent tops, touch flexible and customizable shape sensors, flat and flexible batteries to be easily integrated into clothing, were shown at the event.

Other news in the tech field were multilayer printed circuits machines working on flexible material, a suitable technology for short series prototypes, with a low-cost range between 35.000 USD and 500.000 USD.

During the conference, many new roller technologies, recently diffused, were showed. These innovations have been conceived to make holographic, graphene and micro- materials prints.

Graphene was the main character of the conference, and all new technologies which support it were introduced.

This material is spreading above all in microelectronics area.

For this event, several worldwide tech players such as Microsoft, Apple, US Air Force, General Electric and others, sent their experts to investigate new technologies proposals.

The exhibition was very interesting and all the guests really appreciated the experience testing wearable innovations and also our company got a great success with several curious and experts who joined us to test our Smart Glass TalensHolo in a live demo.

We are happy about the interest in our products.

We are already getting ready for the next roadshow!

Giulia Giri