Wearable USA Convention, the Innovation is served!

Wearable USA Convention, the Innovation is served!

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We are ready!

The conference is going to start at 8.30 a.m.

Wearable USA is the worldwide wearable technology conference in Santa Clara Convention Center.

The event will host:

  • more than 3500 attendees
  • more than 270 exhibitors
  • more than 250 presentations 
  • more than 60 dedicated speakers

The dedicated 2-day conference will see many public speaking which will cover topics from materials and manufacturing, to applications and markets, alongside a dedicated space for 270 exhibitors.

The event will show all the new opportunities for the market of wearable technologies.

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 We invite you to visit us at our booth to enjoy a live demo of our Talens Holo Smart Glass.

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Giulia Giri