Youbiquo’s Calling – We Are Looking For Partners!

Youbiquo’s Calling – We Are Looking For Partners!

Youbiquo is an Italian company providing wearable computing devices working within IoT and Mixed Reality domains.

Our company is constantly looking for partnerships and collaborations to develop new projects with.

We actually need:

  • Research&Development Partners
  • Integration Partners
  • Commercial Partners

It’s very important for our business to build up partnerships for R&D Programs to be funded by the European Commission ( SME instruments or other Calls).

The tech fields of interest deal with Holographic visors, batteries, fingerprint sensors and 3D cameras.

We need to start collaborations with SW companies who develop advanced technologies for smart glasses to integrate our device offer.

The interest fields are : hand gesture recognition and tracking, 3D object recognition, application development for maintenance and logistic.

We provide our devices to different market sectors: maintenance, logistic, museum, medical, security and safety.

According to our strategy, we are looking for partners interested in selling and distribute our Smart Glasses in a B2B model and to integrate our devices in customized software projects.


If you are included in one of these categories and if you are interested to start a collaboration with our company contact us at info@youbiquo.eu.

We will be very pleased to receive your proposal.

Giulia Giri