12 April 2021

Youbiquo invests in educational partnerships with schools, universities and research centers

Youbiquo as a strategic stakeholder took part in the PCTO workshop organized by DISA-MIS and which ended in the past few days. The DISA-MIS Pathways for […]
11 April 2021

Guide for prototyping: from idea to product.

3D printing has revolutionized the world of prototyping, making it possible to produce physical models of a project in just a few hours. This given rise […]
9 March 2021

The EU Radar identifies Youbiquo as a key innovator with a ‘ready to market’ innovation

On February 26, 2021, Youbiquo’ innovations have been published on the Innovation Radar platform where other 3600+ EU-funded innovations are showcased with the aim of informing […]
4 February 2021

OPTIMAI, the H2020 zero defect challenge kicks-off !

On February 3 and 4, 2021, the OPTIMAI project ‘Optimizing Manufacturing Processes through Artificial Intelligence and Virtualization’ held its online kick-off meeting. This new Research & […]
2 February 2021

5G-EPICENTRE project dedicated to Public Protection and Disaster Relief kicks off!

On February 2 and 5, 2021, the 5G-EPICENTRE project ‘ExPerimentation Infrastructure hosting Cloud-nativE Netapps for public proTection and disaster Relief’ held its online kick-off meeting. This […]
19 November 2020

Darlene presentation at INTERPOL-UNICRI Global Meeting on AI for Law Enforcement

DARLENE Project will be presented at the Third INTERPOL-UNICRI Global Meeting on AI for Law Enforcement – 23-27 November 2020. Youbiquo will be supporting the project developing an […]
1 October 2020

DARLENE project against crime and terrorism kicks off!

On September 21 and 22, 2020, the DARLENE project ‘Deep AR Law Enforcement Ecosystem’ held its online kick-off meeting. This new Research & Innovation Action, funded […]
22 September 2020

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. talks about Youbiquo

On August 18,  Talens Holo, flagship product of the Innovative SME, Youbiquo, was the subject of a case study by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., one of the […]
30 June 2020

Youbiquo engaged for a pilot project in the construction industry

Selected among 300 Startups, Youbiquo has been one of the 10 companies accepted into the Corporate Sprint Accelerator Program 2020 held by startAD, an Abu Dhabi-based […]
1 June 2020

Youbiquo selected by StartAD Corporate Sprint Accelerator Program 2020

We are proud to announce that Youbiquo has been offered a place in the startAD Corporate Sprint Accelerator Program 2020. The selection process was extremely rigorous […]
25 May 2020

Youbiquo receives the Seal of Excellence for the second time

Youbiquo did it again ! Sealed for the second time in 2 years. At the beginning of May 2020, an international panel of independent experts has […]
15 May 2020

Youbiquo selected amongst the European Commission’s publications

The Publications Office of the European on behalf of the European Commission’s research and innovation Directorates-General presented the project conceived and implemented by Youbiquo in the […]