Team – Youbiquo – Smart Wearable Solutions


5 years of experience in IoT Research.
We are Youbiquo.

Youbiquo’s team is now composed by 15+ young professionals skilled in hardware, software and mechanical design.

Pietro Carratù


Pietro is CEO and founder of Youbiquo S.r.l . After a MSC in Electronic Engineering he has developed a deep knowledge into ICT sector, working as PM and UI/UX and Software designer in several innovative projects along twenty years. He owns PMP and SCRUM certification in Project Management.

Chiara Mannella


Chiara works as art director and marketing manager and she counts more than 25 years of experience in advertising campaigns. In her career she has been working for large international companies as a designer and visual artist, refining her skills of team leading, objectives and target setting, brand and corporate management, strategic product positioning, selling and communication strategies.

Nunzio Senatore


Nunzio is CFO of Youbiquo S.r.l. He owns a MBA degree, he has collected many professional experiences in the business for different companies, either as partner and administrator. Today he is an experienced entrepreneur, and his commitment on predictive cash flow and on business model of the company is crucial for our time-to-market.

Alfonso Ferraioli

Financial Manager

Alfonso is an experienced MBA, who has worked in accountabilty and fiscal departments of accounting firms. He own a solid experience in credit scoring, in Business Plan definition and analysis, and in the evaluation of financial performance indexes. In Youbiquo he’s responsible of accounting department, of cash flow forecasting and budgeting. Alfonso lead also the administrative control of Investment and R&D programs.

Antonio Zanesco

Project Manager

Antonio owns a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering, and is CEO and founder of Ars Digitalia S.r.l.s. a partner company. He’s an experienced mobile app architect; he loves working on new ideas thanks to his experience in Research Centers, leading talented developers to move software quality to a higher level.

Valentina Senatore

Buss. Dev. Manager

Valentina is the Business Development Manager of Youbiquo S.r.l. She holds a master’s degree in law and an MBA degree in International Business with a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In her career she has dealt with Company Law, Marketing, Export and the development of business projects abroad. She is bilingual and has an attitude to problem solving given by her multipotential mindset. In Youbiquo, she is in responsible for the internationalization strategy including the business plan development for the start-up of foreign offices. Moreover, she is in charge of the marketing and communication strategy.

Giovanni De Rosa

Sales Director

Giovanni is the Sales Director of Youbiquo. After a MSC in Electronic Engineering he has developed high competences into ICT sector, managing several complex projects along his career as a PM. He owns a PMP certification in Project Management. He has attended various roles in the commercial field, both in small companies and in multinational corporations. He has about 15 years of sales experience in the ICT sector worldwide.

Matilde Merciai

Product Designer

Matilde Merciai is a designer focused on product development and engineering. After the master degree in product design for Innovation, she started working as a freelance consultant for industries, start-up companies and design studios. She loves the challenge offered by the use of different technologies and materials.

Domenico Giordano

Hardware Designer

Domenico is hardware development manager. His background is about design and architecture, but is in charge of hardware procurement and prototyping. He owns an individual company that produces and trades hardware.

Giancarlo Gaudioso

HW Designer

Giancarlo holds an MSC in Computer Engineering. He is an experienced Hardware designer specialist and firmware developer. He has been in charge of several projects related to public security and cybersecurity. He is a master in Linux programming and in Dialux software. Giancarlo is a proactive and multitasking engineer, open to innovation and digital integration development.

Giulio Uzzi

SW and Android Dev.

Giulio is a Software Developer skilled in Android programming language. He owns the Apple Academy Developer degree. For Youbiquo he is engaged in the research and development of Machine Learning with Python. Giulio is in love with technology and hackatons.

Marianna Farina

Software Developer

Marianna holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering. She is experienced in Computer Vision and Deep Learning methodologies and highly fascinated by AI applied to robotic. For Youbiquo, Marianna is working on hand gesture and object recognition.

Emanuele Tuccillo

Software Developer

Emanuele hold a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering. He is a Software Developer skilled in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. Among his competencies he is a master in NLP (Natural Language Processing). Emanuele is in love with space missions and passionate about robotics.